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Is your event tokengated?

Do you want your event exclusive to collectors or holders only? You can easily implement a token gating solution for your IRL events keeping your communities safe! Register through the Tokenproof link below, then head back here to finish setting up your event!

Welcome to the event creator form. Before you fill in the information below for your Web 3 IRL event, we have to confirm a few things. is currently in beta as an emerging start-up platform. With the robust ticketing infrastructure required for the niche Web 3 needs of our users, we are currently unavailable to collect, or offer a portal for any paid events.

Gath3r is diligently working with our Development team and has partnered with a company offering future payment collection for ETH, BTC, and FIAT (USD) for your events. Unfortunately, this ticketing feature is not yet available, but something we’re excited to bring you in the following year.

How does this effect your paid events? Great question- it doesn’t.

We are still able to list your event and redirect all your information from your preferred ticketing platform to a listing on Gath3r. If you look at a few of our current events, most have already been redirected and aggregated from other ticketing platforms.

After creating a listing for your paid event on your preferred ticketing platform, fill out the form below including the link and we’ll take care of the rest and get eyes on your Web 3 IRL event.

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